Many a moon has passed since the last update. The silence hasn't been due to inactivity of the entity but rather the other way around.

After an extended period of seeming inertia a novel work of CHARNEL WINDS is sent forth to the darkly splendid world through Saturnian Productions. Having been carefully refined since the release of "STIGMA PRIOR NEFASTVM", "I.I.I." is an amalgam of twin oneiric landscapes, two tracks of pulsating, organic black metal.

The work at hand here is essentially a hermetic exploration of a solar initiatory formula, married to a celebratory view of the nightside and namely the vast transmutative power to be found therein.

The temple lies in ruins, its Adytum ever so inviolable. The way is paved and the maw gapes wide open.

Whereas "I.I.I." researched and encrypted the initiatory formula mainly from the point of view of the solar principles, another novel work "Der Teufelsbund" deals with same formulas through the whole of planetary bodies and represents some rarely known symbolics of the essence representing the initiatory path. The true sovereign granting the phosphorescent flame is revealed here as Lucifer-Shaitan - the Prince. Throughout the years of its making we have been granted the opportunity to work with some individuals with genuine insight to the subject at hand resulting in seven songs, with a total of 45 minutes of audial black magic and are looking forward to manifest it in the not too distant future.

The songs included in the full-length offering are "The Spear and The Crocodile", "Das Leiden", "Chained Kūmara", "The Assembly", "Shadow", "Purification of the Sacred Black Heart" and "Die Extase". We decided to include a demo-version of the opening song and it can be found here.

To take up the path of a magician is to see possibilities beyond god.


At the height of summer, CHARNEL WINDS entered studio for a few days to record two pieces of black aural art. They will be released together as a miniLP/CD at a yet undefined time in the (hopefully near) future.

For those interested, CW is also in the process of composing material for another future release, "Der Teufelsbund".

Due to change of server and the intense working on our material, previous e-mail accounts have been lost. All messages sent after December 2004 are requested to be sent again.

The sidereal entity known as CHARNEL WINDS was brought to existence in the autumn of 2003. Some early reflections were actualized in the form of a demo cassette "Stigma Prior Nefastvm", released by Spread Evil in December 2004. It is a truly vicious and intensive opus, albeit both musically and thematically somewhat elemental. Go find it.

In the meantime, an old sample can be found and downloaded here.

At least for the time being, CW involves a number of minds, hands &
voices - whereas the material dating from the period of the First Stigma was nearly exclusively the work of one individual. This arrangement has so far proven to be quite efficient, allowing aural and lyric exploration of various themes from a myriad of different angles, on many overlapping levels.


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